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Please enjoy this set from Swiss Deep House DJ,  Nora En Pure, while you browse our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide:

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Buy Spirit Hoods:

Let your spirit animal out and stay cozy with a Spirit Hood.

Buy an EDM Flask:

Cheers to the fam and all the amazing experiences you have at EDM events!

Buy rave paint and makeup:

Adding some neon colored paint to your look always brings you to life. Get the whole fam lit with some rave paint.

A bright collection of 10 velvety, pressed-pigment shadows that deliver an insane color payout.  The ultimate fix for color addicts, this palette features smooth mattes and highly-dimensional shimmery shades, carefully crafted with a smooth formula that applies vibrantly.

Buy Custom Sunglasses:

Choose from our proven frame styles; the all-new Lazer Face & Vise models and our classics the Supercat, Cruiser or Regulator. Design them to your exact liking with our wide array colors, arms, and lenses with this Hi-VIS customizer.

Buy a Test Kit:

These test kits are not easy enough to find. When you come across a test kit please buy one for everyone’s best interest. Go to for more details.

Buy camping gear: Moon Mat, No Bake Tent, Organic Mouth Wash

These mats are just absolutely amazing. You will want to dance for hours on Moon Mats. They also make for a very comfortable yoga session and sleeping cushion.

The No Bake Tent is the perfect outdoor festival accessory to keep you cool. Using a dual layered broad spectrum reflective material, The No Bake Tent reflects heat away from the structure. Learn more by going to

This amazing rinse is part toothpaste and part mouthwash. It works for all oral issues including natural teeth whitening, gum pockets and receding gums, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, tartar, canker sores and toxic morning mouth. Each ingredient is high quality and all-natural.

Buy a Light Up Bra:

This item should sell itself. On behalf of everyone, we say “thank you” to whoever purchases this light up bra.

Buy Fluffies:

It wouldn’t be a rave without finding someone in fluffies. Keep the party lit rave kitties! If you like these fluffies, I am sure you will love the various Knee High Socks at the thatDROP store that are shown below.

Buy Knee High Socks:

Buy Music Technology: Vibes Hi-Fidelity EarplugsRecord Player, Bluetooth Speaker, Headphones, GoPro

Vibes actually filter acoustics, lowering decibel levels equally from bass to treble. This is done though a special sound tube and sound-enhancing acoustic filters that balance and modify the sound waves properly. This allows you to hear the music exactly the way it intended to be heard, only without the damaging decibels that cause your ears to ring and become damaged.

Music sounds best on vinyl and trips to the record store to pick out you favorite album are always fun. Buy, so record players don’t die.

Where would we be without a quality Bluetooth speaker at our campsites at music festivals, on the beach, or anywhere on the go? I don’t want to know…

When you get home from a festival and you truly want to fall back into the favorite tracks you heard, you will need these Sennheiser noise canceling HD headphones.

With a GoPro you can easily capture the once in a life time moments at music festivals then share it with the world and be able to reminisce forever. Notably, GoPro’s do have surprisingly good sound quality.

Buy a Tie-Dye Kit:

Time to get creative by making your own tie-dyed clothing. Don’t stop at making just shirts, the world is your tie-dyed oyster. I just made some sweet tie-dye socks myself.

All the items below and more can be found at Get $10 off any item with promo code: LOVEYOU

Buy Shirts:


Buy an Outstanding Onesie:

Click here to buy Cat Onesie: This is what you wear to make friends.

Click here to a buy Cat Onesie: This is what you wear to make friends.

Buy Tank Tops:

Click here to buy a "Fuck It" Tank Top: Because sometime you just got to say "fuck it"

Click here to buy a “Fuck It” Tank Top: Because sometime you just got to say “fuck it”

Buy lovely Leggings and Yoga Pants:

Buy a Heady Hoodies:

Buy a Sweet Crewneck Sweatshirt:

Buy Stellar Sweatpants:

Buy Crop Tops:

Buy Heady Crew Socks:

Buy Heady Pillows and Blankets:

Buy Heady Bandannas:

Buy Heady Accessories and Other Products: Boxers, Shower CurtainsCell Phone CaseYoga Mats


There is an even larger variety of gifts available at We hope this makes your shopping a breeze.  We can’t wait to see everyone looking so good for the New Year’s runs.

Happy Holidays!